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Kannae Kaniamuthe

Kannae Kaniamuthe - EP1

21 Min

By Vasantham Published: 26 Jul 2020 Audio: Tamil

‘Kannae Kaniamudhae’ is a drama following the professional and personal lives of 3 women (26-year-old high-flying advertising executive, a teen age rebel, and a home maker) who assume the many roles of a daughter, sister, wife, girl friend, mother and so on. These could be any of the women in your day-to-day life, in short ‘Kannae Kaniamudhae’ is every woman ! The series tells of each woman’s life – her daily trials and tribulations – with each episode peeling back yet another layer to reveal more of their personal stories, their love, aspirations, shattered dreams, defeats and victories. Each episode weaving their lives into a knot, as they seek to find a resolution.

Kannae Kaniamuthe
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