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Kambal, Karibal S1

Kambal, Karibal S1 - EP178

Episode 178
41 Min

By meWATCH Published: 04 Feb 2015 Audio: Tagalog

It tells the story of twins Crisanta (Bianca Umali) and Criselda (Pauline Mendoza). A rare disease claims Criselda's life but she remains a spirit that only appears to Crisanta. Their close bond begins to shatter when they both fall in love with Diego (Miguel Tanfelix). The rivalry between them builds up after Criselda learns of their mother's undivided affection for Crisanta. Criselda's hatred consumes her and she searches for another person's body to inhabit. Now that she is back, she will stop at nothing to take what she thinks is rightfully hers: Diego's love and their mother's affection.

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Kambal, Karibal S1
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