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Jungle Voice S2 声林之王 2

Jungle Voice S2 声林之王 2 - EP14

92 Min

By Channel U Published: 25 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Hosted by LuLu (flower fairy), this series of Jungle Voice invited Jam Hsiao (lion) and Yoga Lin (tree) as mentors. There will also be guest mentors in every episode. Contestants are from all over the world, include Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Korea, China and Caribbean Sea. 主持人为黄路梓茵Lulu(花仙子),首席导师为萧敬腾(狮子)及林宥嘉(树),每集另有飞行导师。这一季的选手来自马来西亚、泰国、加拿大、韩国、中国、加勒比海等各地,待定选手透过网络票选救援再次回到舞台。另外,最后一轮总决赛亦设有两阶段积分票选。

Jungle Voice S2 声林之王 2
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