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JUMP! 跳浪!

JUMP! 跳浪! - EP13

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 30 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xiao Chunli is a passionate teacher in a neighbourhood secondary school with rock bottom performance, both in academic results and co-curricular activities. Yan Tianfa is the KPI-driven principal newly posted to restructure and revitalise the under-performing Blue Sky Secondary. Chunli has to prove the gymnast team under her charge is worth keeping. 迷糊老师萧春丽误点匆忙拖着行李箱(满满的学生卷子)赶去学校教课。路上碰到了热心但有点耍帅的Speed徐德乐。春丽所执教的《蓝天学校》来了一位新上任的校长——颜天发,颜校长新官上任,誓言要把学校的排名从谷底拉上来,并且斥责姗姗来迟的春丽。

JUMP! 跳浪!
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