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Jeritan Sepi 3

Jeritan Sepi 3 - EP10

44 Min

By Suria Published: 13 Dec 2016 Audio: Malay

Maria is on her way to claim the prize money. She gets very nervous as she approaches the office. Just the night before, she has a bad dream. In the dream, she is engulfed in a huge fire for eating the prize money. As she is about to enter the office, suddenly, she remembers Hawas parting words. It leaves an impact on her moral stand. What if she drops dead and does not have the chance to beg forgiveness from God ? Instantly, Maria decides to throw the prize money. As Aisyah puts it, Maria has to be strong to put a stop to her husbands gambling habits. She has to take what happens to Shafie as a reminder from God. She should be thankful that Shafie is alive.

Jeritan Sepi 3
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