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Jejak Kita

Jejak Kita - EP2

Environment / Persekitaran
45 Min

By Suria Published: 05 Sep 2019 Audio: Malay

Explore our physical and social environment to see how Singapore is known as a “Garden City” today - a result of 200 years of hard work; and look at the evolution of our physical spaces that date back to the early days. Who determined the districts that we have today ? Why does the Civic District and Kampong Glam have such a unique look and feel ? Can we find the balance between modernity and retaining our culture ? We dig deep to see how Singapore continues to work on safety and security in this day and age. Melihat persekitaran Singapura kini, pasti ramai tidak dapat bayangkan peranan penting warisan kita dalam kehidupan hari ini. Tahukah anda bahawa Kebun Bunga Singapura, yang mendapat pengiktirafan UNESCO, sebenarnya bermula daripada idea yang dilakarkan pada tahun 1800-an ? Bagaimankah kita mencapai persekitaran yang aman hari ini ?

Jejak Kita
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