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Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008)

Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008) - EP9

Youth Rioters With Dangerous Weapons / Police Tactical Unit
23 Min

By Suria Published: 29 Mar 2008 Audio: Malay

"""Youth Rioters With Dangerous Weapons"" - A trivial dispute led to a gang fight, bloodshed and criminal records for a group of nine youths Accused: Md Hairi, Md Haikel, Md Syakir, Md Syafiq, Md Sufyan, Noor Bahri, Muhd Affendi, Indra Haiqel & Abdul Hamir (May 2008) Feature on Police Tactical Unit, Special Operations Command - Crimewatch gives you a rare glimpse into how Special Operations Command’s Police Tactical Unit officers are trained to be operationally ready for both public order and security threats. "

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