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Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008)

Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008) - EP8

DNA Profiling Nabs Insurance Cheat / Community Harmony Taskforce / Recklessness Kills!
23 Min

By Suria Published: 29 Mar 2008 Audio: Malay

"""Insurance cheat solved through DNA profiling"" - A new identity, possibly a new life in another country. How possible is it for a person to fake death and cash in on fraudulent insurance claims ? Accused: Gandaruben, Moganaruben & Renuga Devi A special glimpse into police pro-activeness in forging a Community Harmony Taskforce to engage various stakeholders in addressing issues brought about by influx of foreign workers in Teban Garden neighbourhood. ""Motorcyclists Alert - Recklessness Kills ! "" - Motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable group of road users and account for the high percentage of the road fatalities. See how a motorcyclist was killed due to his recklessness"

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