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Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008)

Jejak Jenayah 2008 (Crimewatch 2008) - EP1

Gangster Girls / Multi-national Serial Robbers / Police K-9
23 Min

By Suria Published: 29 Mar 2008 Audio: Malay

"Summary: Story 1: Public education -- Gangster Girls’ Video Bashing. - A group of girls took the law into their own hands to resolve a disagreement by beating up another girl for as long as it took for a cigarette to burn. Summary: Story 2: Police professionalism -- Multi-national Serial Robbers - The only lead was a description of the robber’s vehicle and incomplete license plate Accused: Suprasilan, Shahidul & Shanmugam (July 2007). Summary: Story 3: Police professionalism -- Feature on Police K-9. - Since November 2006, General Purpose Dog teams have been crossed trained as Cadaver Detector dogs. Crimewatch provides an insight into the new capabilities of the Police K9 unit and how they can help in police investigations."

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