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Janji Sedap

Janji Sedap - EP30

21 Min

By Suria Published: 30 Mar 2020 Audio: Malay

Whether you are living the life, running your own business, a fitness enthusiast or even living on your own. You will still need to eat ! Yes, food delivery is convenient but there are days when one needs to eat healthy, fast and simple food or simply, a cheaper alternative and to bring the kitchen to good use. Sometimes there would be days of crazy ideas when western food might just taste better when fused with traditional taste. How do you reckon pasta with sambal prawns or well-done steak with sambal belacan ? ! And don’t even start on the random cravings for mum’s food. Follow our very own Chef Andri in this new cooking show call Janji Sedap as he whips up simple, fast and satisfying food that revolves around your busy schedule. The best thing is, this guy knows everything there is to know about cooking ! You will be his priority and what he comes up with could be your new favourite dish. He will prove that cooking is fun and simple, and now everyone can cook ! Tidak kisah la jikalau kita sedang berkembangkan kerjaya, menguruskan bisnis sendiri, minat bersenam atau tinggal bersendirian, kita pasti tetap harus makan ! Walaupun servis penghantar makanan itu senang di dapati, tapi tetap mesti ada hari yang kita akan mengidamkan makanan sihat, inginkan makanan ringan dan senang, atau hanya inginkan dapur berasap ! Ikuti Cef Andri dalam rancangan memasak terbaru, Janji Sedap dan dia akan menunjukan cara-cara memasak yang murah, senang dan janji sedap !

Janji Sedap
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