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他们不会动 The Immobile - Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

他们不会动 The Immobile - Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

3 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Tour Guide Weijun brings the audience back into time as he introduces the history and meaning behind the statues along Singapore River. He ultimately arrives at the famous statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, but reveals that it is actually a copy of the original… 导游玮俊介绍新加坡河边的几个雕像和它们所象征的意义,带观众走入新加坡河的历史长廊。最后,玮俊也介绍了著名的白色莱佛士雕像,透露雕像其实不是原始的那一座…

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