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It Takes Two 对对碰

It Takes Two 对对碰 - EP4

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2013 Audio: Chinese

Geomancer Hong tells Luo Na she has to “kidnap” Wuyin’s God of Prosperity. Shaowei and Meiying run for their lives when they discover the person who had phoned Shaowei is not a decent guy. Coffee-sao makes Pao assume Zhang Ling and her daughter were injured by loan sharks. Zhang Ling says Xu Jie’s stepfather died long ago and she had never heard about the debts he owed. Pao promises to settle the matter for her. Hoping to be treated better, Youcai’s mother puts a golden toad under Luo Na’s clothes. Ziqiang gets into trouble with Tony, a wealthy lad. He later realises Tony is Xu Jie’s classmate-cum-suitor. Amy is envious of Zhang Ling, who gained a flat after her Singaporean husband died, and is now about to get a rich son-in-law. Xu Jie mediates between Ziqiang and Tony. She realises she only knows Ziqiang by his nickname, “Fish Prince”. Wuyin pacifies Cai by claiming he had merely encouraged Zhang Ling to become his deputy chairman. Ziqiang is about to get the police to deal with the loan sharks when Pao ruins his plan. Luo Na gets her whole family to help her “kidnap” the God of Prosperity. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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