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It Takes Two 对对碰

It Takes Two 对对碰 - EP30

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2013 Audio: Chinese

Youcai and his mother both dream of the God of Prosperity sending money to them. Zhijie finds out they have won the Toto draw. Thrilled, Youcai tells Luo Na he is due for a windfall of $90,000. She presumes it is merely a scheme to get her to return, and declares she will only do so if he wins $9 million. Her dream of becoming Tony’s mother-in-law shatters when Meiying relates all that has happened. Wuyin’s siblings slink away, now that they realise their father is not at all rich. Niu is well aware Wuyin would no longer be filial either, once he learns the truth. Ryan causes Qing and Xiaogang to be arrested in a raid. He promises to write off Vivian’s debts if she works with him. Zhang Yang runs away to save Xiaogang. Wuyin discovers Angela has siphoned off his money and the spa investment is a scam. He does not dare tell anyone he has been cheated. Luo Na learns from Zhijie that Youcai did indeed win the Toto draw. She begins to suspect she is a jinx, as the win only came after she had left the family. Luo Na helps Youcai out during the tasting competition. Still, Wuyin leads by two votes. Zhijie asks Xiaopei to steal Xueli’s mobile phone. He learns Xueli is going to Bintan with Ryan. He runs into the disciplinary master, Mr Chong, when he tries to steal Xueli’s passport. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS

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