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It Takes Two 对对碰

It Takes Two 对对碰 - EP23

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2013 Audio: Chinese

Youcai learns about the theft and is relieved Luo Na and her baby are alright. He is invigorated when a customer praises his noodles. When Luo Na learns Meiying has a wealthy boyfriend, but that she had lied about her background, she praises her daughter instead of reprimanding her. Ziqiang and Cai agree that whoever loses the election will have to stop doing business in the market. Niu’s daughter, Sisi, returns from Australia and urges Niu to draw up a will to distribute his assets properly. Wuyin assumes that by giving Angela $500,000 for her spa, he can get intimate with her. However, she makes up an excuse and rejects him. Back at the stall, Wuyin blames Xiuhua for the poor business. Ryan tells Zhijie to get intimate with Xueli, so that he can take pictures of her and blackmail her. Tony’s parents cut him off financially when he refuses to leave Xu Jie. Xu Jie worries when Ming’s words cause the hawkers to dislike Ziqiang. Pao learns Vivian’s mother is critically ill. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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