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It Takes Two 对对碰

It Takes Two 对对碰 - EP13

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2013 Audio: Chinese

Pao notices Amy’s address on his list of debtees. He tries to get her let off, but Vivian refuses to give in, and tells Zhang Yang to set Amy’s gate on fire. Amy sprays insecticide at Zhang Yang. Amy suspects someone used her identity card to borrow money from loan sharks and is incensed when her son, David, confesses that he really does have loanshark debts. Luo Na discovers that Meishan did not return home all night. Xiaogang borrows Pao’s mobile phone to call home and is told his wife is in hospital because of a difficult delivery. Luo Na learns Meishan is staying at her grandparents’ place. She lashes out at Youcai for being a useless father. Luo Na goes to the school to complain about the teachers and feels slighted when told to wait while the principal chats with a wealthy parent. Thoughts of divorce flood her mind. Youcai buys food for the old lady and even helps her collect her 4D winnings. David tries to con Amy of her money, as he wants to take his girlfriend on a holiday. Xu Jie is impressed when Ziqiang consoles Amy and urges her to lodge a police report about the loan sharks. Luo Na threatens to leave when Youcai tells her off for her bad attitude. Wuyin is lured into a massage parlour by a pretty girl. Impressed when Ziqiang stands up to Cai, Xu Jie decides to date him. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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