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It Takes Two 对对碰

It Takes Two 对对碰 - EP10

43 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2013 Audio: Chinese

Zhijie is on the way to school when he sees police officers. He hides and skips school. Luo Na is surprised Weijie has turned from a buck-tooth youth into a suave doctor. He reveals he is divorced. He does not look down on Luo Na, who tells him that she and her husband are hawkers. Tony’s mother, Kimberly, turns up at the market to warn Xu Jie to stay away from her son. Xu Jie assures her that she and Tony are not lovers. Meiying trips Kimberly and runs off. Zhang Ling helps Kimberly up and is slapped; Kimberly accuses her of causing the fall. Meiying recognises that Kimberly is wealthy. She offers her shoes and takes the latter to the clinic. She also lies that she is the daughter of an Indonesian banker, and Kimberly offers to introduce her son to her. Zhijie gets into trouble when he quarrels with Aloysius for badmouthing him in front of Xueli. Luo Na offers three fishballs when Wuyin comes up with a two-fishballs-for-free promotion. However, she makes the fishballs smaller. Luo Na lashes out at Youcai’s mother for picking up a discarded rice barrel. When the old lady who stole vegetables turns up, Luo Na gives the rice barrel to her instead of money. The old lady finds $10 on the road and spends it on food and a 4D ticket. Petitioning the authorities to resolve the rat problem, Ziqiang and Xu Jie go about gathering signatures. Zhang Ling worries when she is unable to find her brother who has just arrived from China. This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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