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Insight 2020/2021

Insight 2020/2021 - EP8

Indonesia's COVID-19 Fight
49 Min

By CNA Published: 21 May 2020 Audio: English

Indonesia is among the last countries in Asia to have acknowledged the existence of COVID-19 cases in the country. Its now racing against time to bring the number of infections and fatalities down. It now has the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in Asia, hovering at around 8 to 9%. It also has the most number of coronavirus deaths in the region, second only to China. More than 1000 people have died so far from the disease with over 17 000 cases according to official figures. Despite its initial slow response to the coronavirus threat, Indonesia has been ramping up its fight against COVID-19. But there's concern that the move may have come too little too late. Are the Indonesian healthcare facilities well equipped to deal with the rising number of infected cases ? And can the authorities control the spread of the virus across its vast archipelago ?

Insight 2020/2021
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