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Insight 2019/2020

Insight 2019/2020 - EP28

US-Taiwan Strategic Gamble
46 Min

By CNA Published: 07 Nov 2019 Audio: English

Ties between the United States and China have gone from bad to worse following recent moves by the Trump administration to approve arms sales to Taiwan worth billions of dollars. The arms sales by the US to Taiwan are the biggest since the start of Trump's administration 3 years ago. The US decision is a clear signal of Washington's willingness to confront Beijing in spite of the latter's vehement opposition to the deals. The approvals were made even as US-China relations are at their lowest on account of the trade war. But are the arms sales part of US' larger Indo-pacific strategy aimed at curbing Beijing's growing clout in the South China Sea ? Are they also part of the US game plan to exert pressure on China over its continuing trade dispute ? What impact will that have on the cross-Strait relations ? Will Tsai Ing-Wen's defiant stance against China pay handsome dividends ahead of the Presidential election in January 2020 ?

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Insight 2019/2020
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