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Inside The Child Protective Service

Inside The Child Protective Service - EP3

Can My Child Come Home?
47 Min

By CNA Published: 24 Feb 2020 Audio: English

What happens when children need to be protected from their own families ? Three families are aching to get their children back, after the children were removed for their own safety. A single mother risks having her toddler sent for adoption if she ends up in jail for drugs... again. A family who struggled to keep their messy home safe for two active youngsters gets a second chance with a new BTO flat. A four-year-old boy shows aggression that is highly unusual for his age after experiencing abuse and neglect from his parents. Will these children ever be reunited with their parents ? The Child Protective Service is seeing a four-fold increase in the number of child abuse cases it has handled in the last 9 years. CNA follows a group of Child Protection Officers to decipher what really constitutes child abuse and to discover the lengths our child protection officers would go, to shield our children from harm.

Inside The Child Protective Service
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