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Inside The Child Protective Service

Inside The Child Protective Service - EP1

Don't Take My Child!
47 Min

By CNA Published: 10 Feb 2020 Audio: English

What happens when children need to be protected from their own families ? Two young boys, with a drug-taking mother, fight hunger at home. 8-year-old twin brother and sister are living with an aunt with a bad temper. Violent arguments between husband and wife threaten the safety of a newborn at home, while a 7-year-old girl is terrified of her Schizophrenic mother. The Child Protective Service is seeing a four-fold increase in the number of child abuse cases it has handled in the last 9 years. CNA follows a group of Child Protection Officers to decipher what really constitutes child abuse and to discover the lengths our child protection officers would go, to shield our children from harm.

Inside The Child Protective Service
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