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Inside Italy's COVID War

Inside Italy's COVID War - EP1

49 Min

By CNA Published: 27 Jun 2020 Audio: English

In Inside Italy's COVID War, Emmy and BAFTA-winning Italian producer Sasha Achilli arrived in Northern Italy just as the government put the country under lockdown and has been documenting the unfolding catastrophe ever since. With intimate and exclusive access to the Maggiore di Cremona Hospital, the FRONTLINE film tells the stories of doctors battling an outbreak they describe as a "tsunami that has swept us all away." They tell Sasha the agonizing choices they face are like those of war-time triage medics---deciding who lives, who dies, and who gets access to a limited number of intensive unit beds. The film follows a charismatic ER doctor, Francesca Mangiatordi, through the darkest days and weeks of the pandemic, as she struggles to balance her work saving lives and her family at home who fear for her safety. Sasha will continue to film with the doctors and nurses as the hospital starts to turn the corner and cases start to drop. Their stories will chart the progress of the epid

Inside Italy's COVID War
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