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Incredible Tales S1

Incredible Tales S1 - EP9

Previous Tenant / P.I.E.
23 Min
Supernatural Content

By Channel 5 Published: 31 Jul 2014 Audio: English

Story 1: A man rents an office in one of the posh building in Singapore. One night he gets a call from a client - not his but of his former tenant, who died a year ago. But according to the client, he has been taking to the previous tenant all along, as recently as a week ago. Story 2: A stretch of road that goes through the PIE underpass is a favorite bike route for a young group of cyclers. Riding through it at night poses more challenge than mere poor vision; the site is reportedly haunted. Three boys brave the rumor and ride straight into the mouth of the underpass and discover that what's inside is more than just a simple rumor.

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