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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP8

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Sep 2016 Audio: Chinese

Edgar赌气下带领了如花、发哥和肥妹加盟天大公司,与狄龙等人成为敌对两组,在拍摄时不合作而被导演责骂。Juliet发现Edgar还在做临演,生气要罢拍,并要求监制出面。同时Juliet发现名贵手表不见,认定是众咖喱菲偷的,要求搜身!狄龙挺身而出为大家说话,让Edgar等人感动。天大老板来到,不问缘由便搜身,让Edgar等人饱受屈辱。宝宝发现手表原来掉入了她的包包,拿了还给Juliet。Juliet反而指宝宝偷窃,宝宝愤然点出Juliet的丑陋。继续拍摄时,Juliet情绪大受影响演不出,向导演投诉无人能演好,宝宝二话没说便示范,演技一流,真情感人,全场热烈鼓掌,让Juliet更难堪。 In a fit of anger, Edgar leads Ru Hua, Fa Ge and Fei Mei who unite forces to join ‘Tian Da Company’. Their purpose is to go against Di Long and the rest. As tensions rise during the shoot, the director reprimands them for refusing to cooperate. At the sight of Edgar, Juliet fumes with anger and demands to meet the producer. Juliet’s branded watch is missing, and she assumes that the culprit must be among the calefares. Di Long steps up to speak for them. Edgar and the others are touched. Meanwhile, Da Tian appears and starts to do a search on every one without clarifying the situation. This leaves them feeling humiliated. Bao Bao returns with Juliet’s watch after realising that it has dropped into her bag. Rather than feeling grateful, Juliet accuses Bao Bao of stealing her watch. Bao Bao starts to point out Juliet’s flaws in retort. Juliet fails to concentrate on filming after the saga, and claims that the role is too tough for any actor. Without hesitation, Bao Bao immerses into the role and awes everyone on set with her impressive act. Juliet is left embarrassed and speechless.

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