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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP7

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Sep 2016 Audio: Chinese

大天感叹自己老了,希望狄龙以后能接管生意,狄龙体恤父亲,答应尝试。大天说拍摄需要嫖客和妓女,叫儿子找人,千万不能说是演妓女,她们知道了不会来的。狄龙只好昧着良心找人。电视台要Edgar把穿着僵尸服的video post拿掉,狄龙不肯。大天劝说不管的话,后果可能会更严重的。狄龙无奈告诉Edgar,Edgar坚决不删除。拍摄日,美仪发现狄龙隐瞒演妓女的事,对狄龙不满,后来发现狄龙的苦衷,对他谅解。美仪陪狄龙去买饭盒,虽然加重成本,但狄龙不亏待员工,美仪看在眼里。Edgar向Juliet要合照,被Juliet骂。Edgar忍不住回骂。狄龙劝架,却被Edgar骂!Edgar请大家去吃午餐,大家讲狄龙的坏话。美仪尝试替狄龙说好话,却被众人怀疑喜欢上狄龙,美仪急忙否认。 As Da Tian ages by the day, he hopes to have Di Long succeed his business. Di Long understands his father’s concerns, and decides to give it a shot. A shoot is calling for talents to act as prostitutes and hostesses. Da Tian deploys Di Long’s help to search for them, but with the condition of keeping their role a secret for the time being. Edgar is asked to remove his zombie video post, but Di Long refuses to. Da Tian warns him of the undesirable consequences if they were to go against the TV station’s wishes. Di Long relays the message to Edgar, who insists to keep the video. When Mei Yi realises that she is casted as a prostitute, she blames Di Long for not being truthful. Despite so, she eventually decides to let things slip and accompanies Di Long out to pack lunch for the extras. Mei Yi acknowledges Di Long’s kind-heartedness as he looks out for the talents. Edgar asks to take a photo with Juliet, only to get a scolding from her. Unable to take it lying down, Edgar starts to rebut. Di Long tries to break their quarrel, but to no avail. Edgar even flares up at him. Later, Edgar treats everyone to a meal where they badmouth about Di Long. When Mei Yi tries to speak up for him, everyone suspects that she has feelings for Di Long. Mei Yi denies.

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