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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP12

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 10 Oct 2016 Audio: Chinese

Edgar向高媚告白,哪知却被高媚骂侮辱了她,离开。美仪追着高媚,才得知原来高媚是自卑。狄龙对Edgar指出告白应该是很私密的,促使Edgar找上高媚的家,对她一番感人肺腑的告白,让高媚暗中感动流泪。美仪下厨给大天和狄龙吃,大天暗示二人可以组织家庭了,让美仪红了脸,监制来电,邀请美仪唱插曲,让美仪惊喜万分。电视台开拍喜宴的戏,大家盛装出席,高媚却没有来,让Edgar失望... 二年后,Edgar投资拍电影,所有的小咖成为大咖,向各自的梦想迈进... Edgar confesses to Gao Mei. Claiming that she feels humiliated, Gao Mei turns around and leaves. Mei Yi later finds out that Gao Mei is acting this way because of her low self-esteem. Di Long suggests that Edgar forgo the grand event and confess to Gao Mei in private. On his second attempt, Edgar moves Gao Mei with his sincerity. Mei Yi cooks for Da Tian and Di Long. Da Tian teases that they are ready to get married, leaving Mei Yi blushed. Mei Yi is ecstatic when she receives an offer to sing for a drama’s soundtrack. Everyone except Gao Mei dresses up for a glamourous, banquet shoot. Edgar is disappointed. Two years later, Edgar invests to shoot a film. The once calefares grow to become big figures who continue to work towards their own dreams and goals...

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战
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