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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP11

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 10 Oct 2016 Audio: Chinese

狄龙得知宝宝是父亲的女神,鼓励大天告诉宝宝,大天犹豫。大家扮成红头巾和苦力,和宝宝一起演绎梦境。Edgar叮嘱狄龙和美仪记得骗高媚到他家,于是狄龙骗高媚当天有拍摄,高媚答应。宝宝需要吊钢丝,有畏高的她紧张,大天托儿子拿安神补药给宝宝,狄龙忍不住告诉宝宝父亲的秘密,宝宝才恍然。宝宝站在高台上,心惊胆跳,大天鼓起勇气对她比自由女神的手势,宝宝得着力量,终于完成了危险动作。大天终于对宝宝说出秘密,如释重负,二人的友谊迈进一步。Edgar紧张找众人部署告白计划,大家才恍然原来Edgar真的是有钱人,而且不是普通的有钱! Di Long encourages Da Tian to confess to Bao Bao, but Da Tian is hesitant. Meanwhile, Edgar reels in Di Long and Mei Yi’s help to trick Gao Mei to his place. Everyone is dressed as Samsui women and coolies for the shoot. Bao Bao is in jitters as she has to be hung on wires. Knowing that she has fear for heights, Da Tian gets Di Long to pass Bao Bao pills to help loosen her nerves. Whilst doing so, Di Long lets her father’s secret out to Bao Bao. As she films nervously on a high platform, Da Tian musters up his courage and mimics the pose of The Liberty from below. Thanks to him, Bao Bao successfully wraps up her scene. After much thought, Da Tian comes clean about his feelings for Bao Bao, and their relationship progress further. As Edgar finds help to plan his confession event, the others are surprised to learn that he has not lied about his wealth !

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战
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