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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP10

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 03 Oct 2016 Audio: Chinese

狄龙陪美仪练唱,被大天看见。大天问儿子对美仪是认真的吗?狄龙试探他会反对吗?大天表示不会。Audition,肥妹、如花、Edgar故意唱得难听,凸显美仪的好歌声,美仪果然中选,会幕后代Juliet唱歌。大天和Juliet演戏,望着Juliet的方向,看得到宝宝,紧张得说不出话。强哥气煞,决定把宝宝调到别的座位。宝宝和大天翻脸,她期待能发挥的戏都被大天毁了。大天歉疚,告诉强哥他可以克服问题。大天终于说出对白,宝宝也演得很好。Edgar选了名贵手表要送高媚,狄龙不信高媚会答应当Edgar的女友,Edgar却信心满满!狄龙发现父亲藏着洪宝宝的剪报,问大天是否暗恋宝宝,所以跟她对戏很紧张? Da Tian chances upon Di Long’s singing practice with Mei Yi, and probes to find out if his son’s feelings for her are true. When Di Long asks Da Tian if he will object to their relationship, Da Tian assures that he won’t. Fei Mei, Ru Hua and Edgar perform lousily to help Mei Yi stand out during the singing auditions. Their efforts pay off as Mei Yi gets picked as the ghost singer for Juliet. While acting with Juliet, Da Tian begins to stutter as he sees Bao Bao sitting behind her. Furious, Qiang Ge decides to switch Bao Bao’s position. Bao Bao falls out with Da Tian as her golden opportunity is ruined. Apologetic, Da Tian promises to overcome his problem, which he eventually does. Edgar prepares a luxurious watch as a gift for Gao Mei, confident that she will agree to date him. Meanwhile, Di Long discovers Bao Bao’s news clippings in his father’s secret stash. He decides to find out if Da Tian really has a secret crush on Bao Bao.

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战
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