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《小咖大作战》预告片 I Want To Be A Star Trailer

《小咖大作战》预告片 I Want To Be A Star Trailer

30 Sec

By meWATCH Published: 06 Sep 2016 Audio: Chinese

钟大天曾经是个咖喱菲,经过一番努力而晋升成为特约演员。他看出演艺圈这个行业很需要咖喱菲,便成立了“大天临时演员经纪公司”,供应咖喱菲给电视台。钟大天好吃懒做的独生子钟狄龙,被他逼去片场当咖喱菲后才知道这行业很辛苦!狄龙在片场与一群性格迥然不同,有着不同目标的咖喱菲,一起展开了临时演员这条路。这条通往梦想的路上充满了许多障碍,众人是否能实现各自的梦想,找到属于自己的人生意义?本剧通过轻松的手法,透过各个主角的经历,激励年轻观众——勇敢地追梦! Part-time actor who first started out as a calefare, Zhong Da Tian noticed the indispensability of calefares in the media industry, which then spurred him to establish the “Da Tian Calefare Agency”, where he engages talents to take up walk-on roles in various drama productions. Da Tian’s son, Zhong Di Long spends most of his time idling. After being forced into an acting gig, Di Long learns that being an extra is no easy feat as it seems. Thereon, Di Long embarks on his acting career and encounters other extras - each with a different personality and goal. Will these calefares overcome all setbacks along the rocky road to success ? ‘I Want To Be A Star’ portrays the different walks of life in a light-hearted manner, and hopes to urge all aspiring youths to be...

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