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I See You 看见看不见的你

I See You 看见看不见的你 - EP13

28 Min
Supernatural Content

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

In a final confrontation, Kai En and Shi Ping finally discover what happened to Kai En and her body. It is a tale of revenge that stretches back many decades. However, Shi Ping and Kai En might be too late to prevent Kai En from remaining a wandering spirit forever. 在最后的对决里,凯恩和世平终于发现凯恩遗失身体的真相。那都是好几十年前一宗复仇事故所引起的。可悲的是,世平和凯恩发现真相太迟了,他们也许来不及挽救凯恩从此变成孤魂野鬼的命运。

I See You 看见看不见的你
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