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I'm Madam!

I'm Madam! - EP6

22 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Recruit Veronique argues with Sergeant Ong over why the entire platoon has to be constantly punished for Pepper's mistake. Sergeant Ong emphasizes that the platoon is a team and not just one person. Hence, a person's mistake is also the entire team's mistake. Veronique doesn't accept her punishment and even challenges Sergeant Ong to a battle. How will all this pan out ? Later during her book-out day, Pepper and Jian Dong hang out at a café where Hulk and Xinyi are dating. She purposely gets intimate with Jian Dong to make Hulk jealous. But instead, Hulk suddenly asks for Xinyi's hand in marriage. Sergeant Ong强调整个platoon要有的是teamwork,不是rambo,所以处罚整个platoon。Veronique不满,说为什么每次都是她做错,我们整个platoon都要受罚?Veronique不满,和Sergeant Ong吵了起来,最后还挑战Sergeant Ong。Sergeant Ong接受挑战。众人book out 后,Pepper从建东那里得知Hulk和何欣怡去一间Café用餐,于是也跑去那里。Rose建议Pepper找一个帅哥亲热,让Hulk吃醋,可是找来找去的都不是帅哥,最后只好找了建东。

I'm Madam!
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