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I'm Madam!

I'm Madam! - EP13

23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 15 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

After the events of the previous episode, Pepper manages to apprehend the pimp responsible for the girl kidnappings to the police. Pepper and the girls of Pegasus company are immediately being recognized and commended for their heroic act. News of her heroism also attracted more followers to Pepper's social media channel and brands are now interested to endorse her. Now that she has a following, Pepper's talent agent advised her to quit the army in order to focus on her newfound fame. However, Pepper is too used to life in the army and has decided to continue on with it. In the finale, Hulk once again returns into Pepper's life and asks for her to accept him back. Will Pepper want Hulk back into her life ? Pepper和女兵们顿时成为了英雄,尤其是Pepper,因为她是Influencer的关系,许多商家突然跑出来要找她代言。Pepper之前的经理人,Ivy,很是开心,觉得当初叫Pepper加入军队是正确的。她告诉Pepper,目前很多商家对Pepper感兴趣,甚至还找她拍电影,Pepper已经是人气 number one 的 influencer了。她们希望Pepper继续做Influencer的事业。但在兵营这么久,Pepper已经喜欢军队的生活了,也觉得军队改变她很多,所以一时也难以取舍。另一方面,Hulk又再度表白。Pepper要选建东还是HULK呢?

I'm Madam!
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