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I Eat Therefore I am 我食。故我在

I Eat Therefore I am 我食。故我在 - EP10

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

In India, vegetarian cuisine is a common dietary habit and life philosophy. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical system, considered to be the oldest in the world. Ayurvedic Medicine encourages a balance in the body through diet, herbal medicine, massage and meditation. 在印度,素食料理不仅是饮食习惯,更是生活哲学。举世闻名的阿育吠陀饮食蕴含了丰富的养生智慧。阿育吠陀的意涵是“生命的科学”,是一门拥有5千年历史,被认为是世界最古老的医学体系。透过饮食、草药、按摩以及冥想来保持人体内三大生命能量的平衡是阿育吠陀医学的基础。

I Eat Therefore I am 我食。故我在
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