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I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭! - EP11

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Besides serving with jam or kaya, bread can also be used to create various interesting dishes ! Two brothers, who love bread, learn to make bread cups from host Ben and also visit a bread factory to understand the manufacturing process. They later work hand-in-hand to make Breaded Chicken Rolls. 面包,除了拿来搭配果酱咖椰之外,还能做出各种有趣的料理!爱吃面包的兄弟俩在学习制作早餐面包杯后,便跟随主持人走访面包厂,了解面包的制作过程。最后,兄弟两人也齐心协力,做出了面包鸡肉卷 !

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!
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