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How Are You? S2 好世谋 2

How Are You? S2 好世谋 2 - EP16

45 Min
Some Sexual References

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Nov 2020 Audio: Hokkien

Shan Mei wants Gan Dang and Qing Qing to return home for a meal. Qing Qing turns down the dinner date with her friends. When Gan Dang suddenly says he is unable to attend, she cannot help but feel mad at him. It turns out that Gan Dang was helping Mei Po fix her water pipe. She realises she has wronged Gan Dang and dresses in her lingerie again to attract him. Will Gan Dang be able to guess her intentions this time ? 善美要敢当和青青一起回家吃饭,青青因此推掉与朋友的聚餐,却突然得知敢当不能来的消息,青青不禁生气。原来敢当正在帮梅婆修水管,青青始知错怪敢当。青青再次穿上性感睡衣引诱敢当,这次,敢当是否能猜到她的心思?

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