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How Are You? S2 好世谋 2

How Are You? S2 好世谋 2 - EP12

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Oct 2020 Audio: Hokkien

Sheng Chong comes round to the idea of marrying Adai and decides to do so. He requests that Jia Qiao hand him $100,000 before that. Jia Qiao wants him to have the wedding photoshoot first and not let Adai know about their pact. When Jia Qiao tells Adai that Sheng Chong has agreed to marry her, she is ecstatic. After taking the wedding photos, Adai happily walks out of the bridal boutique, whereupon a woman appears and gives her a tight slap ! 升崇想通,决定和阿戴结婚,要求家翘先给他10万。家翘要升崇先拍婚纱照,而且不能让阿戴知道他拿钱的事。家翘告诉阿戴升崇答应跟她结婚,阿戴欣喜若狂。三人拍了婚纱照,阿戴开心走出婚纱店,不料一女人出现,二话不说就打了她一巴掌!

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