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House Everything? 家简尘除

House Everything? 家简尘除 - EP4

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Everyone yearns to own a nice and practical kitchen. However, it requires great effort to maintain its tidiness. How messy will be a kitchen be when there are two "home cooks" in the house ? Stay tuned to find out. 一个漂亮又实用的厨房,一直以来都是许多人的梦想。但,它却是一个家庭中杂物最多、最难收拾整齐的地方。而有两位 ”一家之煮” 的家,杂物会不会比别人多出一倍呢?专家们又会如何帮助他们家简尘除?

House Everything? 家简尘除
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