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Home Dining 开门见餐

Home Dining 开门见餐 - EP8

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 17 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

What's Eurasian cuisine ? Have you ever heard about Eurasian cuisine ? Kurt Drysdale is a self-taught baker and home cook. He believes in traditional recipes handed down through generations for a wonderful gastronomic experience. Menu includes Eurasian signature dish - Shepherd's Pie and Devil Curry. Any secret recipe will be revealed ? Let's find out in "Home Dining" ! 你听过欧亚裔料理吗?身为一名家厨,Kurt Drysdale希望通过厨艺,把祖传的欧亚裔料理发扬光大,并让大众进一步认识欧亚裔文化。他精心为宾客准备的佳肴,包括了牧羊烤派、杂烩咖喱、马铃薯肉饼和黄梨虾咖喱。它们可都是欧亚裔的经典料理,想大开眼界吗?欢迎你一起来“开门见餐”!

Home Dining 开门见餐
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