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Home Dining 开门见餐

Home Dining 开门见餐 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

75-year-old retired teacher, Helen Ng, also known as Mummy Soh, is the home chef of One Kind House. She turns fresh, home-grown products into delicious meals. Her menu includes Blue Butterfly Pea Rice, Pan Fried Fish with Turmeric with Kedondong Pesto, Curry Chicken with Bamboo Shoots and etc. Sounds great ? What is so special about these dishes ? Let’s find out in ‘Home Dining’ ! 75岁退休老师-黄瑞霞,人称Mummy Soh,由于热爱烹饪,在儿子的鼓励下,在位于东部的住家做起私房菜。她为宾客准备的南洋风味料理有:蝶豆花饭、黄姜鲳鱼、竹笋咖喱鸡和亚叁虾等等,有些食材还是来自她家的菜园!究竟这些菜有什么特色?欢迎你一起来 “开门见餐” !

Home Dining 开门见餐
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