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Hole In The Wall 别有洞天

Hole In The Wall 别有洞天 - EP9

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Great dining experience is not exclusive to fine dining restaurants. Local foodie, Michelle Chia is delightedly surprised to find a private chef developing unique menus and serving up exquisite eight course meal to guests right in his home, amidst the quiet heartlands of Singapore. 爱好美食的谢韵仪到邻里住宅区挖掘隐身在组屋区、真正价廉物美的私房料理!她的味蕾之旅,将收获哪些惊喜?而从未正式接受过烹饪训练的会计师,如何靠着自己的努力钻研,发想出让食客惊艳的创意私厨料理?

Hole In The Wall 别有洞天
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