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Hole In The Wall 别有洞天

Hole In The Wall 别有洞天 - EP8

21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

They have swapped their well-pressed suits for kitchen aprons to become proud makers of the popular Teochew snack, Soon Kueh. Michelle Chia sets out to the unassuming nooks and corners of Singapore in search of these traditional goodies that are making their mark on the island's gastronomic map ! 新加坡被誉为“美食天堂”,而谢韵仪这次的任务就是要挖掘隐藏版、真正好料的华人粿点小食。白领阶级放弃万元高薪的工作、中年创业,躲在静谧老区和偏远工业区里经营粿点小店,他们如何靠着传统手艺强势翻身?

Hole In The Wall 别有洞天
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