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Hide And Seek 捉迷藏 (Dual Sound)

Hide And Seek 捉迷藏 (Dual Sound) - EP4

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel U Published: 29 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Hailan is sure that Yanzhu is Xiuya when Yanzhu locates Xiuya's bedroom successfully on her first visit to the Mins' residence. Haiqin does not believe Hailan, causing Hailan to be agitated again. 海兰看到第一次到家里的妍珠竟然知道秀雅的房间在哪里,认定妍珠就是秀雅。海琴不相信海兰,导致海兰情绪非常激动,再次出现反常行为,必须送院。

Hide And Seek 捉迷藏 (Dual Sound)
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