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Hero's Dream 天意

Hero's Dream 天意 - EP46

43 Min

By meWATCH Published: 07 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

In the Late Qin Dynasty, feudal lords were vying for the throne. Genius Han Xin whose endowments and talent was being ignored. Once by a chance, he encountered a mysterious men in black who said he could help Xin to rise through his supernatural power. However, Han Xin must promised to do a deal with him. The wheel of history keeps turning, Emperor Qin, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and Zhang Liang had entered the center of power struggle one after another. Han Xin also involved in this dispute, he finally found there was a mysterious forces that manipulated the replacement of dynasty and entanglement of power. 秦末汉初,群雄逐鹿。空怀经天纬地之才却埋没民间的淮阴少年韩信,因缘际会遇到一名神秘黑衣人,称可借助神力帮韩信崛起,条件是只要韩信答应与他做一场交易。历史的车轮不断转动,秦始皇、刘邦、项羽、张良纷纷走进权力纷争的核心,身处其中的韩信发现,这王朝更替与权利交织的背后,竟有一股神秘未知力量在操纵......

Hero's Dream 天意
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