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Hero Dog 神犬小七

Hero Dog 神犬小七 - EP40

45 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

A heartwarming modern-day story that follows a super dog named Xiao Qi and how he changes the lives of those around him. Surgical intern Ai Liang is an animal lover who finds work at an animal clinic as an all-around employee who can do any job required. He not only meets clinic director Ding Han and the nurses and veterinarians at the hospital but also meets his ex-girlfriend's dog Xiao Qi. Initially, at each other's throats, man and dog learn to become inseparable friends. 外科实习医生艾亮(金世佳饰)热爱动物,艾亮到宠物医院打工,成了一名什么活都得干的打杂工,他不但遇到了以院长丁涵(郭碧婷饰)为首的一群宠物医院的医生护士,更遇到了前女友留下的一条神犬小七,这条狗以它特有的神奇改变了包括亮亮在内的所有人。亮亮同小七,也同丁涵由互相敌视,慢慢变成相互理解接受,最后成为生命中不离不弃、生死相依的伙伴。其间,人与人、人与狗之间经历了几番生死离别。

Hero Dog 神犬小七
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