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Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差

Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差 - EP20

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Ru Yin is married to Ke Wei and the couple is leading a happy life together. However, Ru Yin is still reminded of Jun Yang. Jun Yang requests CEO from the other side (CEO) to let him reincarnate immediately. Just when he is about to take in "Meng Po" soup, he finds out that Ru Yin is experiencing a difficulty in labour. Both the mother and baby are in critical condition. Jun Yang decides to save Ru Yin by reincarnating to be Ru Yin's child. 如荫在阳间与可为结婚,生活幸福美满,但始终无法忘记俊阳。俊阳得知,要求阎王让他马上去投胎,重新做人。他正要喝孟婆汤投胎之际,却得知如荫难产,母子生命垂危,俊阳毅然决定投胎成为如荫的孩子以解救她……。

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