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Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差

Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差 - EP10

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

There is influenza on Earth and the CEO of The Other Side (CEO) gathers all the soul reapers to be ready for the new souls. Unexpectedly, all the names on the book of death suddenly disappears and turns blank. The CEO is furious and asks all the soul reapers to investigate the reason. Ru Yin and Jun Yang realize that this incident has something to do with the vaccine Fang's medicine factory's produces. 阳间流感开始蔓延,阎王召集众特警,要大家做好准备,迎接新人口。不料生死簿中的名字突然消失不见,变成空白一片。阎王气恼,下令众特警全员出动,到阳间查个水落石出。如荫和俊阳发现此事与方氏药厂出产的疫苗有关。

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