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Heavenly Ghost Catcher 天师钟馗

Heavenly Ghost Catcher 天师钟馗 - EP12

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Oct 2013 Audio: Chinese

A co-production with Taiwan TV about the legendary ghost-catcher Zhong Kui, with a star-studded cast comprising local and Taiwanese drama artistes. The series is divided into 5 main stories: Yang Guifei, Zhong Kui meets Justice Bao, The Secret of the Goblet, Beauty from Jiangshan and Snow in June. Zhong Kui is a widely known legendary figure. He is a ghost catcher in China. He is conferred a title of “Ghost Catching General” and “Yama – King of Hell”. It authorises him to manage all matters of injustice. Zhong Kui helps to redress cases in which the victims die unjustly. The culprits of mischief will surely be punished. Story 1 – Yang Guifei: On how an impoverished but talented scholar Zhong Kui (Jin Chaoqun) becomes the Heavenly Ghost Catcher. Assisted by Han Yan (Fan Hong Hsuan) and Fu Qu (Chen Tianwen) in his new role, he meets and saves Yang Gui Fei (Tien Niu). The story introduces how Zhong Kui becomes a victim and he marries off his sister after he dies. He is later conferred as a “Ghost Catching General” by Tang Ming Huang. He helps Yang Gui Fei resurrect after death and escorts Tang Ming Huang and Yang Gui Fei to Japan to stay together for the rest of their lives. Story 2 – Zhong Kui meets Justice Bao: Zhong Kui and Justice Bao jointly solve the case of a Taoist priest who has been murdered. The ghost of a murdered Taoist priest (Taiwan’s Wen Jiaming) complains that the one sentenced is not his killer. Zhong Kui allies himself with Justice Bao to solve this convoluted case. Also stars Ann Kok and Chen Hanwei. Story 3 – The Secret of the Goblet: Zhong Kui unravels the terrifying secret about a pair of valuable goblets coveyed by a corrupt Prime Minister (Liu Qianyi). Cast includes Fu Youming and Pan Lingling. During the Ming Dynasty, Prime Minister Yan Song’s daughter frames Mo Huai Gu and kills Mo’s family because of an ancient jade cup. Story 4 – Beauty from Jiangshan: The emperor Zheng De wishes to marry Li Feng Jie (Taiwanese Yue Ling), who is pregnant with his child. The empress (Talin Tuoya) Zheng sets out to stop him. She kills He Huai who is responsible to escort Li Feng Jie. He Huai’s spirit makes a complaint to Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui investigates the case. Story 5 – Snow in June: Dou E Yuan is falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death. In protest, she swears it will snow in hot June. Zhong Kui helps to redress the case.

Heavenly Ghost Catcher 天师钟馗
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