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Heartbeat 医胆仁心

Heartbeat 医胆仁心 - EP25

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Aug 2016 Audio: Chinese

A 1994 Mediacorp drama revolving around doctors, nurses and patients who battle diseases as well as matters of the heart. Ever since they were young, Ye Haowei and his elder sister Ye Hui were determined to follow the footsteps of their father Ye Jianrong to become a doctor. Ten years ago, Jianrong had some serious conflicts with his wife, causing him to be distracted during a vital operation. He made a fatal error and his practice license was later revoked. Haowei and Ye Hui sympathize with their father and they look up to him as a father as well as a doctor who is dedicated to the profession. In 1993, Haowei and Ye Hui have finally graduated. Ye Hui specialises in Cardiology while Haowei works in the Emergency Unit. Haowei who is kind and chaste, has plans to further his study on Surgery and he is particularly interested in both Tumour Surgery and Gynaecology. At the hospital, there is this regular patient named Lin Yuanda, nicknamed the Centipede who is always admitted with many knife wounds. Lin is a fighter for loanshark cum bookie. Haowei who attends to him also finds out that he has a girlfriend, Chen Jialu who has also been admitted for suicide. Jialu is a Karaoke Lounge Public Relation Officer who often has conflicts with Lin which led to her suicidal attempts. Lin is often interrogated by the CID and thou he is a rough man, Haowei hits off very well with him and the two become good friends. Lin is later admitted to the rehabilitation centre and Jialu decides to leave him. Feeling regretful, Lin decides to turn over a new leaf and volunteers to work for the centre Haowei is glad and relieved. CID Siong Weiqiang has been visiting the hospital regularly to do his investigation and at the same time, he is also trying to court Tang Xin who is working as a nurse at the hospital. Weiqiang’s father died early and his mother singlehandedly brought him up. Thus he is very close to his mother especially after he knows that she is suffering from terminal breast cnacer. Haowei eventually decides to specialize in Tumour Surgery and during his course, he falls for a lady named Jiang Tong. Jiang Tong is the daughter of tycoon Jiang Botao but the two are not on good terms. After graduation from the overseas university, Jiang Tong returns to Singapore to work. During her spare time, she volunteers to work at the hospital and through the times working together, Haowei and Tong’s love for each other deepens.

Heartbeat 医胆仁心
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