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Hear U Out 权听你说

Hear U Out 权听你说 - EP14

Elvin Ng Part 2
35 Min

By meWATCH Published: 28 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

“Night is darkest just before dawn.” Elvin, king of non-sequiturs, will clear your misunderstandings in this episode. Yet, when talking about the passing of his father, Elvin tears up on screen on keeping his deathbed promise with his father. 黎明破晓前的黑夜…经典谢词制造机黄俊雄,许多人对他误解都将在本集一一解开。谈到父亲的离世,真性情的大男孩泪洒摄影棚。他会如何坚守长子的责任,完成父亲遗愿?

Hear U Out 权听你说
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