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Hear U Out 权听你说

Hear U Out 权听你说 - EP12

Carrie Wong Part 2
34 Min

By meWATCH Published: 14 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

Carrie’s text scandal erupted on her mother’s birthday, how did that impact her and her career ? Artistes are public figures yet how can they or the public distinguish the line between sharing and privacy invasion ? 陷入简讯风波的黄思恬,新闻当天竟是母亲的生日,她是如何熬过那段低潮日子?面对无助无援困境,怡凤对思恬的心疼不言而喻,艺人面对隐私以及网络霸凌,该如何自处?身为观众又该如何展现同理心?

Hear U Out 权听你说
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