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Health Hacks 小偏方大拆解

Health Hacks 小偏方大拆解 - EP6

Headache 头痛问题
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Some people are used to having headache & there are many causes to it. The most common are migraine, tension headache & headache caused by fever or colds. When headache recurs repeatedly, many will seek folk remedies for cure. These folk remedies that may help to relieve, can really cure headache ? 头痛对一些人来说早已是常态,而导致头痛的原因很多,本地较常见的是偏头痛、紧张性头痛、因发烧或伤风感冒引发的头痛。头痛反反复复发作,不少人寻求治头痛的偏方,偏方或能暂缓头痛,但真能根治头痛吗?

Health Hacks 小偏方大拆解
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